Agecroft Hall: Discover 17th Century England in Richmond

From Elizabethan England, to the banks of the James. Built in England about 500 years ago, Agecroft Hall now overlooks Virginia's James River.


A landmark of history, framed in beauty. Agecroft's Elizabethan knot garden.


England's past. Crated, shipped, and carefully reassembled in Richmond, Virginia.

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About Agecroft Hall

Agecroft Hall rests serenely on the banks of the James River in Richmond, Virginia, more than 3,000 miles from its original home overlooking the River Irwell in Lancashire, England. Situated today in Richmond's Windsor Farms neighborhood, it is not a reconstruction, but a synthesis of Tudor and 20th century styles. It incorporates many of the decorative features and some of the structural elements of the original Agecroft Hall in England. It boasts original windows, ornately paneled wood interiors, period paintings and lavish furnishings.

The grounds and gardens add to Agecroft Hall's charm. Visitors are attracted to the stately boxwoods, aromatic roses, and medicinal herbs, all typical of an English manor home of days gone by. Agecroft Hall is more than a tribute to the past. Today, its exhibits and various programs have helped history come to life for generations of  modern visitors.