Agecroft Hall: Discover 17th Century England in Richmond

From Elizabethan England, to the banks of the James. Built in England about 500 years ago, Agecroft Hall now overlooks Virginia's James River.


A landmark of history, framed in beauty. Agecroft's Elizabethan knot garden.


England's past. Crated, shipped, and carefully reassembled in Richmond, Virginia.

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Windsor Farms

The neighborhood of Windsor Farms in Richmond, Virginia was designed in 1926, and is among the city's first planned neighborhoods. It was designed in the manner of an English village, including the equivalent of a "town green" in its middle and featuring street names like Canterbury, Dover, and Berkshire in tribute to our English heritage. There are a variety of architectural styles in the neighborhood, ranging from Tudor to Colonial Revival to Cape Cod, all nestled in a leafy environment with plenty of breathing space. Along with historic Agecroft Hall, the Windsor Farms neighborhood also features Virginia House, next door to Agecroft. Remarkably, Virginia House also once stood in England as a portion of Warwick Priory, which as a monastic house was closed along with a great number of other English monasteries during the reign of King Henry VIII. Virginia House is now owned by the Virginia Historical Society.