Agecroft Hall: Discover 17th Century England in Richmond

From Elizabethan England, to the banks of the James. Built in England about 500 years ago, Agecroft Hall now overlooks Virginia's James River.


A landmark of history, framed in beauty. Agecroft's Elizabethan knot garden.


England's past. Crated, shipped, and carefully reassembled in Richmond, Virginia.

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The Collections

Agecroft Hall's distinctive collection contains objects from both the early modern period in Europe and the turn of the twentieth century in America. With over 4,000 objects ranging from documents to furniture to textiles to ceramics and more, the collection boasts pieces unique in Virginia and the United States.


Although Agecroft is, in reality, a 20th century house, the museum rooms have been given names that correspond to their earlier, 16th century, counterparts. These rooms now hold a fine collection of authentic English and Continental furnishings dating from the Tudor and early Stuart periods (1485-1660). The objects are representational of what may have been in a manor house similar to Agecroft.


For any collections inquiries, please contact Libby Howlett, Manager of Collections, at or (804) 353-4241 ext. 116.