Agecroft Hall: Discover 17th Century England in Richmond
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Dogs at Agecroft Hall


   Agecroft Hall’s courtyard will be a frenzy of canine and human mingling on the evening of August 14, 2015.  This event, Wags and Wine, is held every summer at Agecroft Hall to celebrate the long history of dog ownership at Agecroft.  There will be music by Hotel X on the terrace and a cash bar in the courtyard.  Dogs must remain on leashes but please satisfy your pup’s curiosity by exploring our expansive outdoor space.


   One might wonder why a museum would allow dogs onto its property.  The last owner, Elizabeth Morton, was known for her love of dogs and records of the landed gentry of Agecroft Hall indicate dogs were an integral part of the families’ lives. Mrs. Morton’s terrier once roamed the grounds here at Agecroft Hall and was by her side in the gardens as evidenced through a photo taken in the early 20th century.  The photo shows her seated presumably here somewhere in the gardens with a lap full of freshly cut flowers and her pup tucked under her left arm.


   Likewise, the portrait in the Williams Library of Robert Dauntesey, ca. 1890 by artist G.P. Jacomb-Hood shows a Jack Russel terrier.  The canine is seated on the floor by Dauntesey in a relaxed position with a slight tilt of curiosity to his head.  Behind Dauntesey a rifle rests against the wall indicating his enjoyment of hunting with the companionship of his terrier—bred for small game hunting of wildlife such as foxes or rabbits.


   We hope to see you at Agecroft with pooch on leash enjoying the dog days of summer at Agecroft Hall.  For more information regarding Wags and Wine please visit the calendar on our website. 

 Prepared by Josh Kline, Assistant Curator