Agecroft Hall The House

English opulence, room-by-room.
        Visit Agecroft, and you'll walk into the lives of the landed gentry in England's Tudor and early Stuart periods.
        Tour the Great Hall, and you'll imagine the feasts and merriment its richly-paneled walls have seen.
        Enter the manor's Great Parlour, where family and guests retreated for comfort, privacy and 16th- and 17th-century diversions. Peruse the sleeping chambers, where residents not only rested, but also dressed and dined.
        From its "dyninge parlour," up its intricately carved staircases and through its noble passageways, this manor home has 500 years of stories to tell.

A rare 17th-century painted bedstead.

The Great Hall
The Great Hall's leaded glass window was transported from England completely intact.

Where the story of England's past is told in amazing detail.

Charles I        A 1610 lantern clock telling only the hour, proof of the manor home's slower tempo. A 1566 portrait of William Dauntesey, which originally graced the walls of Agecroft in England. A 17th-century bedstead of painted wood, a rare example of this decorative style.
        With authentic pieces dating from 1485 to 1660, Agecroft Hall is extensively furnished with history.

An embroidered portrait of Charles I, circa 1645.


Agecroft Hall, 4305 Sulgrave Road, Richmond, Virginia 23221
Phone: 804-353-4241